New Orleans Brunch 12/23

Happening on Sunday, December 23rd, 2018 at 11:00 AM

It’s the river. That big Mississippi right out the door. It has always been the draw and why not, down river is where the party happens. Music, drinks, and food; Oh the food.

Whiskey punch will be served from 11-3pm and will not run out.

Beignets and café au lait
Whiskey and cinnamon doughnuts
Bread pudding with apples and anglaise

Shrimp & Oyster

Fried Oyster Po-boy

Marinated and fried oysters with shaved lettuce, pickles, creole mustard, gravy

Shrimp etouffe

White gulf shrimp smothered in classic roux, peppers, onions and tomato with white rice

Shrimp & grits with bacon

It would not be a get together in New Orleans without a pig roast
By the pound with sides


Pulled pork shoulder
Overnight slow braised pork shoulder with eggs, hollandaise

Crawfish and etouffee sauce

Spinach Florentine and béarnaise sauce

Biscuits & Hash

Andouille gravy
Oysters Foch
Fried oysters with toast, pate, Colbert sauce

Red beans and dirty rice
Boudin blanc sausage & braised greens
Biscuits & Honey