Terroir Series | San Francisco

Happening on Thursday, December 13th, 2018 at 06:00 PM

A sense of adventure is what we all crave. If we travel, we want the same experience that the locals enjoy. Hiking, foraging, finding that hidden restaurant or vineyard only the locals can tell you about. We all want the feeling of, “I’m finally here” What if we can for a brief time talk about a place, around a meal, with a drink and enjoy the experience with the company of our like-minded friends?

“It has always been about ingredients. It was when I started and more than ever, is now.” –Jeremiah Tower

“Let things taste of what they are.” – Alice Waters

“Raw ingredients trump recipes every time; farmers and ranchers who coax the best from the earth can make any of us appear to be a great cook.” – Judy Rogers

American Cuisine, California Cuisine, hell, 80’s cuisine, call it what you will.  This is where it all began for me.  Before I knew who these people were, this is the kind of food I remember; straight from the garden, clean, seasoned and left to taste like what you were eating.

This menu will take you to the roots of the bay area cooking and how it influenced my way of menu planning and creating a dish.

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Each dinner will begin with a social hour to get the opportunity to mingle and enjoy the company of others. Once seated, we will learn more about our location; have you been there, have a story to share with the group about your experience or somewhere you enjoyed a meal?

New Orleans Brunch 12/23

Happening on Sunday, December 23rd, 2018 at 11:00 AM

It’s the river. That big Mississippi right out the door. It has always been the draw and why not, down river is where the party happens. Music, drinks, and food; Oh the food.

Whiskey punch will be served from 11-3pm and will not run out.

Beignets and café au lait
Whiskey and cinnamon doughnuts
Bread pudding with apples and anglaise

Shrimp & Oyster

Fried Oyster Po-boy

Marinated and fried oysters with shaved lettuce, pickles, creole mustard, gravy

Shrimp etouffe

White gulf shrimp smothered in classic roux, peppers, onions and tomato with white rice

Shrimp & grits with bacon

It would not be a get together in New Orleans without a pig roast
By the pound with sides


Pulled pork shoulder
Overnight slow braised pork shoulder with eggs, hollandaise

Crawfish and etouffee sauce

Spinach Florentine and béarnaise sauce

Biscuits & Hash

Andouille gravy
Oysters Foch
Fried oysters with toast, pate, Colbert sauce

Red beans and dirty rice
Boudin blanc sausage & braised greens
Biscuits & Honey